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Сейшелы - это рай! Очень хороший 4-х звездочный отель. Все соответствует этому уровню. Мы отдыхали с.....
Могу сказать на 100 % шикарный отель!!! Все сделано очень дорого,дорогая мебель,эксклюзивные ткани,.....
Отель замечательный! Рекомендуем Молодоженам! Один из лучших отель на о.Праслин! Единственный минус.....
Эххх... Сейшелы... Прекрасный отель.Отличное расположение бассеин изумительный.Все прекрасно не буду.....

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Отзывы Lemuria Resort 5*

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Two clean sheets from the national security vulnerable Zuobian Lu Jiao Zhe naturally can not shirk its responsibility, had little Jiao Zhe in the future fate of the appearance of the more not to be optimistic.Jiao Zhe poor performance of the Pacheco can not afford, he had to deny their own personnel arrangement, the first 32 minutes, Jiao Zhe will be Park Sung substituted, replaced him to play this position, Xu Liang offensive player, after the end of the correction Zhe natural feeling unhappy, and the new aid of the national security of the season went straight to the locker room, even Pacheco did not see one, do not know this move will put an end to this season of the season, at least, the present situation is very likely.See the national security of the game starting lineup, familiar fans should be able to see the intention of Pacheco, a number of substitute appearances in the starting lineup for the game, including the goalkeeper position of Bo Xiaolei right guard Xu Wu, defender Lang Zheng Jiao Zhe on the left back, it seems that Pacheco had given up the AFC, after all, even if two straight national security is not able to win the group. 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